The Event 

May 17, 2019

(We do our best but sometimes things happen we cannot control.

We promise to try to keep to the schedule as best we can!)

6:30 PM

Doors Open


This is your time to mingle, have a cocktail (or two), and get to know your fellow audience members.

Take some time to sample the amazing appetizers, and of course...

get ready for a truly unique and exciting evening!

​​7:00 PM

Time is the most valuable thing we have in life, and we respect yours. Show starts at 7:00 pm sharp under the steady hand of the amazing, fabulous, Unstoppable Conni Smudge.

​​7:30 PM

This is it... the big moment... the start of the team competition!

​​8:20 PM


Intermission! This is your chance to stretch those legs... but don't take too long. The show must go on!

​​8:35 PM


Time to get back to the competition. By now you are all abuzz about the first half... time for more!

​​9:25 PM


Just a quick 10 minute break while our judges deliberate and make their final decisions...

ooooh the suspense!

​​9:30 PM


The judges have deliberated and the results are in!

We will also be announcing the silent auction and other prizes.

​​9:45 PM

One big last hurrah to finish the evening and you are then set free into the world to carry forth a message of Diversity and Inclusion. You are now officially Diversity Unicorn Ambassadors!