Sponsorship Proposal
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Sponsorship of Lads and Lashes demonstrates a strong commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in your workplace, community and across Canada. 
Diversity and Inclusion are growing ever more important as the global economy changes the dynamics of workplaces and communities. Canada, built on the strength of its diversity, have become a shining example of how diversity and inclusion can benefit the economy.
Lads and Lashes is an event that explores diversity in a non traditional way, injecting fun into what can sometimes be an uncomfortable conversation. The uniqueness of the event will spotlight the need for further dialogue and companies that sponsor the event will be seen as clear leaders in the business community.
With the recent spotlight in inequity in our society through powerful movements like the #metoo movement, #blacklivesmatter, and #neveragain movements creating dialogue in a safe environment has never been more important. 
The Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI) works with companies, government, schools, and communities across Canada and around the world to help them better understand diversity and how inclusion can be a powerful tool in society. Supporting Lads and Lashes also supports the work that the CCDI does and enables them to reach a broader audience with their valuable insight, research, and support of the effort to create a more inclusive society.
The Q Hall of Fame Canada (QHOF) is proud to be behind the organizing of this event in support of the CCDI. With a mandate to recognize the efforts of pioneers in human rights QHOF has been on the forefront of diversity since it was founded in 2008. A non-profit, QHOF supports local and national charity groups through fundraising efforts and by raising awareness through facilitation of dialogue. Our inductees, and members, dedicate hours of volunteer time working with schools, businesses, and communities to create a safe, happy, and inviting Canada. 
Both the CCDI and QHOF would like to extend their deepest gratitude for your support of this very exciting, and worthwhile event.
Below you will find our sponsorship proposal. If you do not see something that fits within your budget, or your needs, we are happy to speak with you about how you can help support this event. If you have any questions regarding the event, or sponsorship, please send an email to ptherien@qhalloffame.ca 
Sponsorship Proposal
Download here:

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